What Should You Bring?

Ecuador Info

This packet contains information for the International Ecuador Trip. 

List of Things to Bring

  • Boat (If you want to bring it you may, let me know though. Bringing a boat is not necessary as they have boats for us to choose from in Ecuador. Boat selection is first come first serve, upon purchase ask me for the list to secure your boat choice)
  • Rescue PFD (Something like the Kokatat Hustle-r or Astral Green Jacket)
  • Helmet (Less than 5 years old)
  • Spray skirt
  • Paddle ( break down works) flights seem to take a non break down no problem as long as its in a paddle bag for protection
  • Float bags (2-3 minimum https://tinyurl.com/ejjjc3bt)
  • Knife /whistle (with your pfd. Dont forget to put this in your checked bag)
  • A few carbiners, 20ft of webbing and a prussik will suffice. -Throwbag (50ft minimum)
  • Dry top- all 3 gaskets
  • Drysuit
  • Warm layers for underneath the splash top (Minimum 2 preferable 3)
  • Long john pants or long socks for the river sand flies. ( some rivers have sand flies)
  • Dry bag or 2 for extra warm gear lunch ect. Minumum 1 preferable 2 (check out the Watershed ocoee drybag. They also have bigger ones that maybe good to check your gear in)
  • Camera if you want to take pictures

Pertinent medication/ Medical supplies:

  • A mini first aid (Check this out at minimum https://tinyurl.com/yzb485dk) is always good with any personal medication that you may require.
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes: -Its shorts and T shirt for the jungle and a light fleece for the evenings is the norm or lightweight long pants -For the Andes its warmer clothes
  • Pants fleece and Jacket with extra layers
  • Travel Insurance